Motion Picture Services

The JB Ranch has been working in the motion picture business for 40 years.

We have a variety of ranch livestock that include but  not limited to cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, and horses. The livestock are  trained and worked with a great deal of professionalism. The horses are highly trained  for riding, driving, and stunts. Many horses adaptable to actors with a limited riding ability and horses with the ability to deal with experienced riders or stunt players.

Horse drawn wagons of many types and styles are available such as covered wagons, farm wagons Freight wagons,  coaches, and carriages.

Additional props are also  available such as farm equipment, wooden barrels, hay, saddles, tack, harness, and much more. 





Some credits include:

  • Dead Man's Revenge with Michael Ironsides and Randy Travis.
  • A Father for Charlie with Louis Gosset Jr and Don Swazey.
  • Four Diamonds with Thomas Guierry.
  • Spring Awakening.
  • Song of the Lark.
  • Life with Eddie Murphy.
  • Power Rangers episode Wild West Rangers.
  • 3 Bad Man  with George Kennedy

Additional credits, production companies and references upon request.

Jerry Bestpitch and Louis Gossett Jr  in a movie called A ather for Charlie
Jerry Bestpitch with Randy Travis in a Movie called Dead Mans Revenge  also starring Brue Dern, Michael Ironsides, and Tobin Bell
Girl of the Golden West  with Placido Domingo

Spring Awakening