School Programs

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Read below about our "Pumpkin Patch" special. And the best is "WE" will come to you!


Just some of the "school programs" offered by the JB Ranch located in Elverta, CA are:


Preschool, K to 1st Grades: Introduction to farm life.

See a variety of farm animals used by the JB Ranch.


 2nd &3rd Grades: Farm Life 101 

See a variety of farm animals and understand where they are used in the food chain and grocery store.

4th & 5th Grades:   Introduction of the Old  West

     and California Gold Rush

 Learn about Old West activities such as, wagon trains,  horse power, blacksmiths, mountain men,  leather work and farming.


We will customize  our program to your lesson plan  with hands on interaction.



Harvest Time   IS OCTOBER   !!!!!!!!!!!!

Special  for October

 Introductory to Farm Life  or  Farm Life 101

We will bring the pumpkin patch to you!!! 

We will educate the children on the uses and handling of pumpkins.

Each student will go home with their own pumpkin they select from the school patch.

Call for quotes and to book your reservation now!

Is your school having a Harvest Night? We can offer Wagon Rides, Hay or give us a call to see how we can accommodate your event.