About Jerry

Like pioneers of the old west the Bestpitch family, descendants of the Sons of the American Revolution, left their home in Buffalo, N.Y. seeking the riches of opportunity that California promised over the last 150 years. As a small child Jerry grew up on the extreme frontier edge of Sacramento close in proximity to the Sacramento River. 
At 18, Jerry started an aviation career with the Air Force which enabled him to afford his start with horses. Riding daily and  attending various college equine programs Jerry became a certified farrier at age 20.

Further pursing his aviation career, Jerry joined the U.S. Coast Guard Air Rescue. His first assignment was with the U.S Navy where he worked on The Lazy Anchor Ranch in Tennessee as a cowboy and wrangler. In 1973 Jerry became the Navy's "All Around Rodeo Champion."


Jerry was then stationed in Astoria and while flying helicopter rescue with the Coast Guard he was decorated for the dramatic rescue of 10 people who were on a sinking vessel during a severe storm off the coast of Oregon. Over the course of his career Jerry had over 100 life saving rescues, all the while Jerry continued to pursue a Pro Rodeo career with the PRCA riding rough stock.


In 1978 Jerry returned to the Sacramento area making the little rural town of Elverta home. It is here that he established the JB Ranch, whose motto is "Offering western adventures in the finest tradition of the Old West".

Besides his many accomplishments, Jerry can be seen in uniform riding as a California State Equestrian Trail Patrolman at horse events, trail patrol or wherever he is needed.

When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited California in 1981, Jerry, had the honor to meet and share a true piece of California with them. In 2004, the famous opera singer, Placido Domingo, hired jerry as his personal wrangler. Jerry rode out on stage with Placido Domingo in the opera written for Americans in 1910 called "Girl of the Golden West."

Many of his accomplishments have been acting and performing in stunts in western motion pictures, as well as portraying the "Pony Expressman" in western activities and commercials.

Jerry is an expert consultant in many horse related subjects for movies, litigation, trail surveys, animal care and humane treatment of animals.

For over 40 years Jerry has been living the cowboy lifestyle living "Western Adventures in the finest tradition of the Old West." Jerry has been the "boss wrangler" on many wagon trains and trail rides. He ropes, he team penns, he has done gymkhanas, barrel racing and finally his dream and passion Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Jerry and his mare Taffy, won the Single Action Shooting Society "Overall World Mounted Shooting Championship" in 2006. In 2009 Jerry regained his title "Overall Mounted Shooting Champion" with his mare Jasmine.

Jerry isn't finished, he still follows his passion of Mounted Shooting in-between wagon trains, wagon rides, horse rides, horse camps and so much more. This summer of 2011 you can see Jerry riding in the newest "Fruit of the Loom" commercial and he isn't ready to hang up his spurs just yet!






WHEREAS, JERRY BESTPITCH has worked diligently to make his dream

come true by WINNING THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in June 2006. Cowboy

mounted shooting incorporates his expertise with firearms and talents as a

gymkhana championship horseback rider. This sport requires teamwork with Jerry

and his horse, and the dexterity to shoot at targets from his horse running at top

speed; and

WHEREAS, JERRY BESTPITCH has a history of winning awards beginning

in 2002, earning 2002 California Grand American Overall Champion. Then the

2002, 2003, and 2004 California State and Pacific Region Overall High Point

Champion, Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) 2004 Western States Overall

Champion, CMSA& SASS 2005 California State Overall Champion, SASS 2005

Reserve National Champion; and

WHEREAS, JERRY BESTPITCH competed in Cattle Team Penning, Barrel

Racing, and became an Overall AAAChampion in Gymkhana. In 1991 he took his

operation back to the home ranch with the Western Adventures having time to offer

motion picture services as a wrangler and stuntman working on various Westerns;


WHEREAS, JERRY BESTPITCH's love and commitment to horses and the

Old West is evident in his ownership and operation of JB Ranch which has offered

horseback and western adventures to the public since 1978. For six years he was

awarded the horse concession at Gibson Ranch County Park for Sacramento County

Parks and Recreation where he formerly operated and provided Western Adventures

for city kids by offering horseback riding, hayrides, and ranch tours.

NOW, THERFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Supervisors of the

County of Sacramento, State of California, does hereby acknowledge JERRY

BESTPITCH's efforts and achievements for ranching and horseback, western

adventures, and competitions that have helped further the public's awareness and

appreciation of our American roots in the great Old West and congratulates him on

being awarded the SASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.